Best Running Gear for Beginners

When you’re a beginning runner, the entire activity and everything that has to do with it can seem more intimidating than it does exciting. This is unfortunate because running can work wonders on not just your physical weight and stamina but also your...

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How to Use a Heart Rate Monitor to Lose Weight

Introduction Many people utilize technology to help simplify their lives, and fitness is no exception.  Advancements in wearable tech have created devices that can track and analyze fitness statistics including steps and heart rate allowing individuals to...

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Garmin Forerunner Review – Must Have Watch for Runners

Introduction Garmin is one of the leaders within the GPS industry, and their running watches are also top quality for fitness purposes. These running watches are a great fit for exercise or training at all levels. Notably, the Forerunner series features a set of...

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Garmin Fenix 5X Review – Your Ultimate Fitness Companion

The Garmin Fenix 5 is the perfect watch designed for everyday use by athletes in and out of their home. It is a beautifully designed multi-sport fitness watch with a built-in heart rate monitor. On top of that, the Fenix 5X includes presets for almost any sport...

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Garmin Edge Review

Detailed Review of the Garmin Edge Cycling Computer Being one of the leaders in GPS technology, Garmin stands at the top of the food chain for cycling computers. The Garmin Edge lineup incorporates basic to advanced computers that can measure and connect to almost...

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Best Garmin Fitness Watch

Introduction Let’s face it we all lead very busy lives between work, family, school, and social obligations so fitness often times takes a back seat.  While fitness may not be something we love to do, many of us love our high tech gadgets so why not...

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